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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese and living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small trade is now successful in business when the. two thousand three hundred forty at the time it was small but then it began to expand and. meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. tony is president says washington's decision to hold most of these services as saddening as a diplomatic spat intensifies. and welcome to al-jazeera life for my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth cohen and
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also ahead iran threatens a crushing response of president trump drops his support for its two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement. some cars push for independence almost banning it said the lessons of the country's civil war of being forgotten and hollywood heavyweights condemn a disgraced movie producer of a sexual harassment allegations. turkey's decision to he's president rather has described a u.s. decision to suspend most visa services for turkish citizens of abscessing the phrase is in response to the arrest of a u.s. consulate employee and as bold accused of links to last year's failed coup immediately imposed for tat measures suspending its all and visa services in the u.s. and reports from washington d.c. . after the arrest of a worker at the u.s.
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embassy in ankara and a warrant issued for another the u.s. took the unusual step of saying they would stop issuing visas for some turkish nationals traveling to america the first explanation was posted by the u.s. ambassador to turkey on twitter we don't know if these arrests are singular offense or if we should expect other turkish staff members to be arrested turkey quickly followed suit with similar measures but president rich a type one said he did it reluctantly and on kind of this is a very sad decision and the ambassador has taken a decision and started implementing it so it's a source of sadness. this is just the latest in a growing list of diplomatic back and forth the relationship between these two nato allies started souring during the syrian civil war turkey upset the us didn't do enough against the assad government even angrier when the u.s. backed kurdish fighters and later armed them. then last year's coup attempt and it
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got worse blame to cleric for two of the golan who lives in the u.s. they wanted him extradited for his alleged role the obama administration refused and the trump administration hasn't moved on it either that was a big issue when he first met president donald trump but that was overshadowed by what happened when he left the oval office. turkish security officers violently attacked what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence fifteen of them were indicted in u.s. courts and as a result the u.s. stopped a planned sale of small arms to turkey turkey further angered the u.s. when it agreed to buy a russian missile defense system equipment that wouldn't work within nato has indicated he would be willing to trade americans imprisoned in turkey for golan but given that would be hard to do within the legal system something he really wants the case thrown out against her citizen reza zurab who was awaiting trial in the u.s. for allegedly helping turkey of aid sanctions against iran it was
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a matter of wanting it back then wanting the case to go away it wanting him not to testify not wanting any of the details about their role in helping iran evade sanctions coming out in the course of a trial it will be yet another chance for the ole ready frosty relationship to cool even more political hang al-jazeera washington. moving on to other news now and iran is promising a crushing response if the u.s. designates and the revolution we've got as a terrorist group president trump has been promoting a more hawkish strategy on iran accusing it of supporting terrorism and exporting violence across the middle east and to withdraw u.s. government support for the two thousand and fifteen u.k. a deal this week say invest has more. in the last few days the headlines here have been dominated by defiant rhetoric from iranian leaders who say that any actions by the united states to impose new sanctions or to abandon the two thousand
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and fifteen nuclear deal will be met with a strong response at a news conference iran's foreign ministry spokesman backroom kasumi has said that it would be a strategic mistake for the white house to place the country's revolutionary guard corps on a list of terror organizations and that he hoped for a more rational response from the u.s. president. position is very clear we hope that the american authorities will not continue their mistakes or commit such a strategic mistake and impose new sanctions that would declare the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization if they do that iran's response will be decisive and overwhelming the u.s. will not be able to face the consequences we hope that those who are wise in america will take the right steps and stand against such a decision the language in recent days from the revolutionary guard itself has been much stronger the chief commander has said that if the united states was to take such an action then its bases in the region would be considered strategic targets and that its troops in the region would be given the same status in the eyes of the
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iranian forces as i saw fighters and even as countries who helped negotiate the nuclear dealers' the united states not to take any actions to abandon it iran wants people to know that it will need any new challenges from a position of strength it's posturing on both sides that is putting the obama administration's hard won nuclear deal in jeopardy. about four u.s. republican senator bob corker has issued more criticism of president donald trump and to view with the new york times the chair of the senate foreign relations committee who set to retire said trump is trading the presidency like a reality t.v. show and making reckless threats that could stay the country into world war three the comments follow a spat on sunday between the two men and which trump claimed senator corker had bad temper one endorsement ahead of a congressional election and his state of tennessee. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people have been killed and fast moving wildfire has
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there been a massive evacuations as the fires move through the state's northern wine producing region to one reason fifteen hundred homes have been destroyed in the blaze flames covered eighty hectares of land and napa county while the second father and a neighboring sonoma center is a police department along with our fellow law enforcement officers throughout the county in the region as well as firefighters have been engaged in continual evacuation and rescue efforts those efforts are still ongoing we do still have new fires flaring up within the city well meanwhile in southern california a wildfire has spread over more than two thousand hectares and burned least six buildings authorities in the area are expanding evacuation orders and called on residents to hate their warnings. more than one thousand six hundred people are facing mass trials in nigeria accused of being members of the rebel group boko
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haram the trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility rights groups say there why about the lack of transparency it's estimated twenty thousand people have been killed and millions displaced you in eighty years of fighting between government troops and the. well john campbell is a former u.s. ambassador to nigeria he says the international community needs to keep a close eye on line derrius judicial process. we should be concerned because we will have no independent way of verifying how fair the trials are but there are other reasons to be concerned as well i think first of all the numbers to be tried are very large sixteen hundred at least at first there are only four judges that have been chosen to conduct the trials. that means the trials will either be very quick or the whole process will go on for a long time and then finally most of those who are being tried have been detained
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without charge for a relatively long period of time and one has to question whether or not evidence has been gathered by the authorities or whether their detention was simply arbitrary the conditions of night in nigeria and places of detention are pretty bad amnesty international for example has estimated that some thousands of detainees have died mostly from disease lack of water lack of food so yes the fact that the trials are going ahead means that there is a judicial process in place it remains to be seen whether it will be fair some odd ways president robert mugabe has a shelf of his cabinet and a bit to boast of party support for his wife grace gobby resigned reassigned rather
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ten members of his cabinet and five the finance minister is a high profile contender for the party leadership the evening zanu p.f. is divided over who should succeed mugabe he intends to stand in the election next year at the age of ninety four. but these twelve one hundred refugees have drowned after their boat capsized on its way from myanmar to bond and ten of the dead were children eight people were rescued as the third and sudden to four hundred refugees drowning since the latest crackdown by the myanmar on the train began in august hundreds of thousands from the muslim my logic would have been forced to leave rakhine state mohammed has moved from cox's bazaar and bank with a. with the news that yet another boat full of refugees capsized while it was attempting to cross from me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that remains are refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these
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people that are here they all crossed by foot into bangladesh just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and mars military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his leg said he got that when me and my army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will in anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations are so concerned about the plight of these people japanese broadcaster has shown what it says is the final video of the hot father of north korean leader kim jong un before his death in malaysia in february for t.v. shows kim jong nam lying on a stretcher at an area next to a left at kuala lumpur airport he died after the highly toxic v.x. nerve agent was made on his face as he waited for a flight to him and
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a colleague on trial in malaysia for the killing. the un security council has banned member nations from allowing for north korean link ships to dock the vessels were used to transport prohibited goods to the country becomes as pyongyang marks the seventy second anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party meanwhile in south korea the military is on show at an event to give people a close up what it can do rob mcbride has more. this is a festival held right in the center of south korea a chance for south korean forces to show off their latest military hardware the organizers tell us they are seeing big crowds this year possibly as a result of the current tensions and certainly people you talk to here say it is a reassurance they say that all the time they see t.v. pictures of north korean hardware passing through the streets of pyongyang it's good to seeing the kind of tanks and guns operated by their own military and it is
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hardware that is increasing in sophistication and also in the type of new materials that they are getting this is the policy of president moon j. in increasing the defense budget for the largest increase for several decades so it is now two point nine percent of the g.d.p. the aim is that south korea will gain the kind of military self-reliance that it can launch if it has to for example preemptive strikes against north korean missile missile bases instead of relying upon the united states forces it is all the way of boosting its own sense of deterrence giving them the build up of the north korean nuclear threat moon jay is the president is a liberal he says he wants dialogue with the north but since coming to power he has stressed that it has to go hand in hand with a stronger military very much
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a case of walking softly but with a big stick. british promise in terms of may says the amount the u.k. will have to pay to exit the e.u. what p. noy told the country he lives in an address to parliament may said the final details of russian's withdrawal will be acquainted at the end of the in the go shaking process and march two thousand and nineteen reports indicate that brussels could demand as much as eighty billion dollars from the u.k. to satisfy commitments made under treaties. pressure is increasing on the card along government to back down from its planned declaration of independence on tuesday the region's high court has requested extra security from the spanish national police outside the building in case the declaration goes ahead the vast majority of spaniards outside catalonia are basically opposed to any independence declaration as long as the reports from central spain many believe the car long nationalists are ignoring the country's border history across the her on the river
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valley you can see madrid away in the distance. the people here maintain the relics of war in tribute to the vicious history of spain. eighty years ago the forces of fascism try to encircle madrid the battle of the rama is legendary this incline was called suicide hill by the anti fascist brigades twenty thousand died stopping franco from taking the capital. basis was eleven and nine hundred thirty seven and ninety one his memory is undimmed. your number there more coriander like of what my mother and i run to a house looking for shelter we thought it was the end of the world we heard the explosions they made a great impression on me i understood then that we were at war. at the local museum you can see how outgunned the empty fascists were faced with the aircraft and tanks at franco's disposal these men and women came from across spain and far beyond to protect york from fascism only two years before the
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outbreak of world war two. and then i think if we go after that madrid was called the heroic city they fought tooth and nail if madrid fell the next poets agree franco would have won the war sooner they want to talk all about this here because it's so important not only for historians what happened here eighty years ago plays directly into the sense of outrage that many spanish people have about what's happening in catalonia right now the catalans they say are using the campaign for independence as a historical crutch to cover up their own sense of entitlement and victim hood the sense that the cats lands were the only people who suffered under franco when actually much of the rest of spain did too. in the nearby town which is nothing like as rich as much of modern catalonia the spanish flags are out in force large parts of spain suffered starvation after the war they will do it but the claims of the council are leadership for special sympathy. up in april but i feel we are sad
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and worried we can't repeat history during the civil war the town square was washed in blood it wasn't only one region that was suffering history can be read in more than one way. the legacy of franco is used in catalonia for a new sort of nationalism here though in an age of new european divisions they say it is a reason for unity lawrence lee al-jazeera in the forum a valley. still ahead on the vote down on climate change denial. ending and i bomb. emissions from coal fired power and. cleared from taking a look at what's being done to bring the former i somehow back to life.
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well hurricane night has proven to be one of the fastest moving a hurricane to push across mainland parts of the u.s. particularly across the gulf states whole freckle of the system now in the process of what remains of it just pushing its way across that northeastern corner legacy of showers coming back in behind the looking at a fair amount of warmth in place the temperature getting up to twenty six twenty seven celsius in new york and for d.c. twenty degrees there and elsewhere that's not too bad twenty one. what those numbers around for denver just highs of around twelve degrees here as we go through tuesday western parts fine and dry i would say was you still some wet weather in place just around that northeastern corner from the warning has already been issued for ninety days in the process of facing out but still some lively downpours a possibility over the next hour cyclist guys come back in behind that down towards the southeastern corner across the gulf states we're looking good as we make our
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way through the remainder of the way the showers continue across the caribbean some lovely shows there just around the the lesser antilles greater antilles also seeing some rather wet weather from time to time it'll be the same as we go on into a website perhaps a little dry for the greater antilles by this day. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories turkey's president has described a u.s. decision to suspend most of these are services for to your citizens as upsetting the phrases in response to the arrest of a u.s. consulate employee in istanbul ancora has retaliated with its own freeze on visas for u.s. citizens. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people have been killed and fast moving wildfire has about twenty thousand people have been told to leave their homes in the northern one producing region and evacuation orders are being expanded as another place spreads through county in the south. has requested extra security from spain from the national police on tuesday in the event of
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a regional parliament to clear his independence. now hundreds of civilians a fleeing the iraqi town of how we should to escape the ongoing fighting there us back to rocky troops an iranian trained she had militia declared victory of ice and day on thursday after a two week offensive but pockets of ossified as a still battling for control in the surrounding area with the fall of her ways are the only part of iraq that remains on the ice and is a stretch along the western border with syria. well it's expected to say four years and up to four million dollars. destroyed. many of them are deserted and three million people living in temporary shelters across the region charles trafford reports from the camp. around two hundred thousand people were living in tel laugh when i saw to control in two thousand and fourteen but the town is virtually deserted now. since their victory over i still here at the end of august
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the iraqi military had been searching the bomb factories set up in what were once private homes. they're destroying improvised explosive devices. and removing rubble. this is tell us his main hospital i saw built tunnels here its fighters piled the mud inside the rooms in order to avoid detection from the sky to get them out had a thirty minute we have just started the second phase to clear the town from my trap house as the work continues and will take time to open roads and houses in order to bring life back to the town. many of the families from selloff are among the approximately three million people living in camps like this one the stories they tell you are often shocking and a reminder of how terrifying their life on the ice all must have been. if i still had ever discovered your scene mohamad had been a policeman they would have killed him. he says i saw captured and decapitated
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dozens of his colleagues until after. he suddenly be scarred for life he was blown off one and strike targeted and i saw a position last year. when the military operations began i still kept forcing people to relocate were taken to a place close to their headquarters a few days later an airstrike hit the building a piece of shrapnel blew my son's arm off. you seen since he's home until after it has been completely destroyed he doesn't know how long he and his family will have to live in the camp he's just grateful that his son is still alive chance trafford al-jazeera camp northern iraq. the trouble ministration is taking aim at yet another obama climate change and i should have the head of the environmental
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protection agency says limiting pollution from power plants are to be scrapped. reports plans are already underway to force officials to overturn the decision. calling an end to the war on coal scott pruitt administrator of the u.s. environmental protection agency says he'll issue new rules to repeal the clean power plants that paris climate according to the move comes just months after president donald trump announced the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate accord during a visit to the big coal mining state of kentucky on monday pruitt's the rule was really about picking winners and losers regulatory power should not be used by regulatory bodies to pick winners and losers environmental groups argue the plan is about saving lives the estimates were that it would save three thousand six hundred premature deaths tens of thousands of asthma attacks in our kids hundreds of thousands of job hours they're lost every year because people are getting out of attacks and are too sick to go to work the clean power plant is part of the clean
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air act and was put in place by president barack obama to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by twenty thirty it sets emission targets for each state in line with the amount of energy they use and gives them flexibility in meeting those targets but the plan has been a sore point with the fossil fuel industry president trump a climate change skeptic made a campaign promise to revive u.s. coal and support other fossil fuels vowing to scrap the clean power plant and withdraw from the paris climate accord pruitt was the ideal u.s. administrator to help him carry out that mission as attorney general of oklahoma pruitt joined attorney generals from two dozen states in a suit challenging the obama administration's efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions it's unclear if pruitt will replace the clean power plan with another rule the e.p.a. is likely to face legal challenges from environmental groups over the repeal and one such group the natural resources defense council says it's already
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contemplating a lawsuit dianne estabrook al-jazeera washington. nato says increasing its presence and ses us in the wake of russia's two thousand. fourteen alex ation of crimea from ukraine and you multinational forces to be positioned and romania four thousand romanian troops will be supported by personnel from mine other nato countries the organization secretary general says the multinational force is evidence of unity do not mirroring what russia does so we are not mirroring russia playing by playing those shoulder by shoulder point by technical exercise by exercise we are responding in our way and we do it in a proportionate michoud and defense a way and we have to remember that of course you need to also always have follow on forces we have more forces than a nato response force but the whole of the you know with nato is to be so strong is to be so. united and so clear and coherent no messaging that no adversary
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tries to know a potential adversary tries to technical and he is top court has temporarily banned the sale of fire crackers in the capital new delhi the announcement comes ahead of the rally the hindu festival of lights and worries of air pollution the body is traditionally ushered in with father displays last year schools were forced to close as their commissions smart from farms and fumes from fireworks contributions to new delhi is one of the pollution levels and they live twenty years. in america economists famed for encouraging sensible decisions with your money and health as one to see is the law of our prize for economics which a thought came up with the idea of nudging where people are subtly guided to do what's right for them and overall committee says fellows work has helped people to recognise marketing trucks and to avoid bad decisions the private sector has access to all of these same tools and doesn't always good for good.
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and so i would say. if this prize does anything i hope it draws more attention to the power of choice architecture and the responsibility that comes with it now movie legends male strip and judi dench among those speaking out against a major hollywood producer has been five of allegations of sexual harassment harvey weinstein's being accused of decades of inappropriate behavior towards women tom ackerman reports. harvey weinstein one fame fortune and academy awards by being one of hollywood's most daring film producers but within days of a new york times report chronicling his alleged misconduct with women weinstein was fired by the company that bears his name weinstein issued a blanket apology for his behavior since then more women have come forward to
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recount their experiences with weinstein all of them unpleasant and he immediately . exposed himself and that you know began pleasuring himself and i just stood there dumbfounded at the scandalous show in the spotlight on what used to be known in hollywood as the casting couch for powerful figures exploited those below them in the industry many of hollywood's biggest names have remained silent since the scandal broke but meryl streep was among the first of the industry's elite to condemn weinstein's long rumored offenses saying the behavior is inexcusable but the abuse of power familiar women of hollywood are not alone more and more women in the u.s. media are coming forward with their own stories of abuse one woman who successfully sued fox news over alleged terrorist mut by the company's top executives says it's because of a wall of silence i think that we find strength in numbers so. if we knew that it
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was happening to more than just one person probably more of us at speak up but in silicon valley this year several high profile executives including the c.e.o. of trevor kalanick have been either fired resigned or apologized for harassing or tolerating sexual harassment more companies have been cracking down on such behavior and not only in fear of legal penalties when we talk about what's appropriate in terms of reputational risk you know these allegations of harassment are very serious and can hurt that back in hollywood another of weinstein's alleged victims calling on women in the industry to act against what she called a massage and his dick power structure that needs to be brought down tom ackerman al-jazeera. the and again i'm of the product of the headlines on al-jazeera took his
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president has described the u.s. decision to suspend most phases services for turkish citizens as upsetting the phrase as a response to the of rest of the u.s. consulate employee and as bold ancora has retaliated with its song phrase on visas for u.s. citizens. powerful u.s. republican senator bob corker has issued more criticism of president donald trump in an interview with the new york times the chair of the senate foreign relations committee said trump is treating the presidency like a reality t.v. show and making reckless threats that could steer the country into world war three officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people have been killed and fast moving wildfires about twenty thousand people have been told to leave their homes in the northern one producing region and evacuation orders are being expanded as another blaze spreads through orange county in the selfe more than one thousand six hundred people are facing mass trials in nigeria accused of being members of the rebel group boko haram the trials are being held behind closed doors at
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a military facility right school so they're worried about the lack of transparency the u.n. security council has banned member nations from allowing for north korean leg ships to dock the vessels were used to transport prohibited goods to the country the comes as pyongyang marks the seventy second anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party there are concerned surveys you may use the day for another weapons test meanwhile in south korea the military is on show at an event to give people there a close up of what it can do japanese broadcaster fuji t.v. has shown what it says is the final video of the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un before his death in malaysia and february the footage shows kim jong nam lying on a stretcher in an area next to a lifted kuala lumpur airport to woman a currently on trial in malaysia for his killing catalonia is high court has requested for extra security from spain's national police on tuesday in the event
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its regional parliament declares independence as the headlines on al-jazeera what this is up next. on counting the cost us billionaire president donald trump wants the cop taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans explain versus catalonia the economic implications plus cama given what's behind the collapse of australia's will tell you in the street counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. really.


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